How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal

How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal: A Clear Guide in 2023

Are you looking to find out how much is parking at Tampa cruise terminal? We’ve got the details for you.

Parking at Tampa Cruise Terminal can be a critical aspect of planning your cruise vacation. With various options to choose from, it’s essential to know the costs and facilities provided by the different parking lots and garages in and around the port area. In this article, you will find valuable information on the parking rates at the Tampa Cruise Terminal to help you make an informed decision.

How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal

How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal

The official Port of Tampa Bay offers convenient parking spaces with 2,519 covered and 1,316 uncovered spaces, all monitored by a security department 24/7. The cost of parking at the port is $15 per day when booked and paid for in advance. For a 7-night cruise from Tampa, the total parking fee will amount to $105.

However, alternative parking options exist, such as 241 Car Services which charge just $9 per day. It’s crucial to explore these different options and secure a reservation to guarantee a stress-free experience when embarking on your cruise journey.

Parking Options at Tampa Cruise Terminal

Valet Parking

At Tampa Cruise Terminal, valet parking services may be available depending on the cruise line. It is important to check with your specific cruise line for the availability and pricing of valet parking services. If available, valet parking allows you to drop your vehicle off with a professional parking attendant, making your embarkation experience even smoother.


For those who prefer to park their own vehicle, Tampa Cruise Terminal offers self-parking options at the port. Parking is available at Terminals 2 & 3, which are serviced by a garage located across the street, and Terminal 6 offers an open-air lot at the ship. Self-parking is priced at $15 per day, which comes out to $105 for a 1-week (7-day) cruise. Be sure to book and pay for your parking in advance to guarantee your spot.

Oversized Parking

Oversized parking may be available at Tampa Cruise Terminal for larger vehicles such as RVs, buses, or trailers. It is essential to contact the port directly in advance to inquire about availability, exact dimensions, and possibly additional fees for oversized parking spaces. You’ll want to make sure your vehicle is accommodated during your cruise vacation.

Disabled Parking

Tampa Cruise Terminal offers disabled parking spaces for those with a valid disabled parking permit. These spaces are conveniently located close to the terminal entrances, making access to the cruise ship easier for passengers with disabilities. To take advantage of disabled parking, present your permit or license plate with the appropriate designation to a parking attendant or have it prominently displayed in your vehicle. Don’t forget to research any cost exemptions or reductions related to disabled parking, as laws and regulations may vary.

Parking Rates and Payments

How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal

Parking Rates Breakdown

At the Tampa Cruise Terminal, you have a few parking options available to suit your needs. The official parking garage is conveniently located across the street from the terminal. Here are the current rates for parking at the terminal:

  • Channelside Parking Garage: The nearby Channelside Parking Garage is a safe and affordable indoor parking facility with easy access to all retail locations. For more information on rates, contact the parking operator at 813-905-5072.
  • Off-Site Parking: One off-site option, 241 Car Services, offers parking rates as low as $9 per day. The main parking lot is lighted, fenced, and provides overnight security. They are located nearly as close as the official parking garage, making it a cost-effective alternative.

Keep in mind that additional small taxes and fees may be associated with booking off-site parking.

Accepted Payment Methods

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free parking experience, Tampa Cruise Terminal accepts various payment methods. Available options include:

  • Cash: Accepted at parking pay stations and on-site parking staff.
  • Credit Cards: For your convenience, the Cruise Terminal also accepts American Express, along with other major credit cards.

By knowing your parking options, rates, and acceptable payment methods, you can plan ahead and have a seamless parking experience at the Tampa Cruise Terminal.

Cruise Lines and Terminals

How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal

In this section, we’ll discuss the various cruise lines that operate from the Tampa Cruise Terminal, including Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Holland America Line. We’ll also cover important parking information related to each terminal.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line departs from Terminal 3 at Port Tampa Bay. Your cruise may include popular ships like Carnival Paradise. Parking at the port is $15 per day when booked and paid for in advance, totaling $105 for a 7-night cruise. There are 2,519 covered and 1,316 uncovered parking spaces available, with 24-hour security monitoring. Covered parking is located in the parking garage adjacent to the terminal.

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International operates from two terminals at Port Tampa Bay: Terminal 2 and Terminal 6. Ships such as Brilliance of the Seas frequently depart from these terminals. Parking rates are consistent across all terminals at the port, i.e., $15 per day when booked and paid in advance. As with Carnival, there are both covered and uncovered parking spaces available, all monitored for safety around the clock.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line, known for ships like Norwegian Dawn, also departs from Terminal 3 at Port Tampa Bay. As with the other terminals, parking fees are $15 per day when paid in advance. The parking facilities offer both covered and uncovered spaces with security monitoring. Make sure to book your parking ahead of time to guarantee your spot and ensure a smooth embarkation process.

Holland America Line

Lastly, Holland America Line cruises depart from Terminal 6. The parking situation remains the same as the other terminals, with a rate of $15 per day when booked and paid for in advance. Both covered and uncovered parking spaces are available, and security personnel monitor the lots 24/7. Keep this information in mind as you prepare for your luxurious Holland America Line cruise experience.

Port Tampa Bay Facilities

Parking Garages and Lots

At Port Tampa Bay, you can find ample parking options for your cruise. There are 2,519 covered parking spaces and 1,316 uncovered parking spaces available in the official Port of Tampa Bay parking garage, located at 810 Channelside Drive. There are also alternative parking lots like the Parkway Parking facility, which offers a more cost-effective solution at just $9 per day.

Shuttle Services

To make your experience more convenient, Port Tampa Bay offers shuttle services from the parking facilities to the terminal entrances. The shuttle will transport you and your luggage to your respective terminal, ensuring a smooth start to your cruise. In addition to the official port shuttle, some off-site parking lots, like Parkway Parking, also provide shuttle services for their customers.


Your vehicle’s security is essential, and Port Tampa Bay understands this. The parking facilities at the port, including the official parking garage and the off-site lots, are monitored by security departments 24 hours a day. They are fully insured and usually equipped with facilities such as lighting, fencing, and overnight security.

Terminal Entrances

Port Tampa Bay has various terminal entrances for different cruise lines. Terminal 6 caters to Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruises, while Terminal 2 is dedicated to Royal Caribbean cruises. Terminal 3 serves Carnival and Norwegian cruises. By knowing your terminal entrance in advance, you can ensure a hassle-free arrival at Port Tampa Bay and enjoy your cruise vacation.

Nearby Accommodations and Attractions

When planning your cruise from Tampa, consider exploring the surroundings and taking advantage of nearby accommodations and attractions. This section provides information on hotels near the port, as well as popular attractions such as Channelside District, Ybor City, and Sparkman Wharf.

Hotels Near the Port

A number of hotels are conveniently located close to the Tampa Cruise Terminal, providing you with easy access to the port on the day of your cruise. Many of these hotels offer “park and cruise” packages that may include parking and shuttle services to the port, allowing you to save on parking costs at the terminal. Some popular options near the port are:

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Convention Center: Offers spacious suites and is within walking distance to many attractions.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa Ybor City Downtown: Located in historic Ybor City, this hotel is a short drive from the port and offers complimentary breakfast.

Channelside District

The Channelside District is a vibrant area near the port, featuring a variety of entertainment venues, shopping centers, and dining options. Explore the Florida Aquarium, catch a movie at the Channelside Cinemas, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll along the waterfront.

Ybor City

Known as Tampa’s Latin Quarter, Ybor City is a historic neighborhood just a short drive from the cruise terminal. This unique area offers a mix of historic buildings, art galleries, culinary delights, and vibrant nightlife. Visit the Ybor City Museum State Park to learn more about the neighborhood’s history or take a tour of the historic Cigar City Brewing.

Sparkman Wharf

Located in the Channelside District, Sparkman Wharf is a waterfront destination perfect for pre- or post-cruise relaxation. Home to several unique shops, restaurants, and bars, you can savor local flavors, enjoy live music, or simply unwind on the lawn, soaking in the Tampa Bay atmosphere.

Transportation to and from Tampa Cruise Terminal

How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal

Shuttle Buses and Taxis

To travel from off-site parking facilities to the cruise terminal, consider using shuttle bus services provided by many parking companies. This service offers a convenient and hassle-free way to transport you and your luggage to and from the terminal. Alternatively, you may opt for taxi services, providing door-to-door transportation and easy access to the terminal.

Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is situated approximately 10 miles from the cruise terminal. If you’re flying into TPA, there are several ground transportation options to reach the port, such as rental cars, shuttle buses, and taxis. To ease your journey, opt for I-275, a straightforward route connecting the airport to the port area.

Orlando International Airport

For those arriving at Orlando International Airport (MCO), your travel to Tampa Cruise Terminal will take around two hours, depending on traffic. Utilize highways I-4 and I-75 for a seamless drive to the port. Alternatively, consider shuttle services or rental cars to cover the distance between the airport and the cruise terminal.

Additional Information: How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal

Parking Modifications and Discounts

For disabled individuals with DV plates, there might be free parking available at the Port of Tampa Bay. Make sure to check with the Channelside Parking Garage for availability and details on how to take advantage of this option. Other discounts might be available from time to time, so it’s worth reaching out to the parking facility to inquire about any current promotions.

Oversized Vehicle Parking Regulations

If you are planning to park an oversized vehicle, such as an RV, at the Tampa Cruise Terminal, it’s important to be aware of the parking regulations. Be sure to contact the Channelside Parking Garage regarding any specific restrictions for oversized vehicles. Additionally, inquire about the availability of oversized vehicle parking spaces and any associated fees.

Reservation and Purchase Options

To guarantee a parking spot at the Tampa Cruise Terminal, consider making a reservation in advance. You will find plenty of options available near the cruise terminal, with various rates depending on the facility and duration of the stay. One option for parking close to the port is 241 Car Services, which offers a secured parking lot at just $9 per day. Alternatively, you can opt for the convenience of valet parking at the port for a promotional rate of $15.00 USD per day, with an additional $20.00 USD fee for the valet service.

In summary, for a hassle-free parking experience at the Tampa Cruise Terminal, research the parking options available, and inquire about modifications, discounts, and reservation options. The Channelside Parking Garage and surrounding facilities offer a range of choices for your parking needs, making your cruise experience all the more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions: How Much Is Parking At Tampa Cruise Terminal

What are the parking rates at Tampa Cruise Terminal?

Parking at Tampa Cruise Terminal costs $15 per day when booked and paid for in advance.

Are there any discounts for parking at Tampa Cruise Terminal?

There is no mention of special discounts for parking at Tampa Cruise Terminal. However, disabled parking is available for free as long as proof of disability is provided.

What are the differences between valet and self-parking at Tampa Cruise Terminal?

It is unclear whether valet parking is available at Tampa Cruise Terminal. The available information only mentions self-parking options.

Are there off-site parking options available near Tampa Cruise Terminal?

Yes, off-site parking options are available near Tampa Cruise Terminal. One option is 241 Car Services’ parking lot, which is close to the official port parking and has rates as low as $9 per day. Their main parking lot features lighting, fencing, and overnight security.

How can I reserve a parking spot at Tampa Cruise Terminal?

You can reserve your parking spot at Tampa Cruise Terminal by booking and paying in advance. No specific instructions or website have been provided for the reservation process in the search results.

Is there a separate parking area for Royal Caribbean and Carnival at Tampa Cruise Terminal?

There are separate terminals at the Tampa Cruise Terminal. Terminal 2 is primarily for Royal Caribbean, while Terminal 3 serves Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines. Although separate, the official parking garage serves both terminals and does not differentiate parking spots by the cruise line. Terminal 6 serves Celebrity and Royal Caribbean as well.

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